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The citizen of the Republic of Armenia from 22 to 65 years old may be appointed as a prosecutor, if he or she:

1) has obtained in the Republic of Armenia a Bachelor’s degree or a “specialist with diploma” degree in higher legal education, or has obtained a similar degree in a foreign state, which has been recognized and confirmed in terms of adequacy in the Republic of Armenia in accordance with the procedure stipulated by law;

2) masters the literary Armenian language;

3) is not subject to the restrictions established by paragraph 1 of Article 34 of this Law;

4) has completed the relevant studies at the Academy of Justice, if he / she is not exempt from training at the Academy of Justice in the cases defined by Paragraph 10 of Article 38 of this Law;

5) the person with at least two years of professional experience as a lawyer may be appointed as a prosecutor of a subdivision for the confiscation of property of illegal origin.

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