The organization was founded in 2004. By implementing and participating in various initiatives and programs, the Organization has had its most active role since 2011, especially in the judicial and legal reforms taking place in our country.

The organization has had its steady participation in the development of the 2012-2016 judicial and legal reform strategy and Action plan, also engaging in the implementation and establishment of the most important institutions in the field of punishment, such as the Juvenile Justice System and Probation Service in our country.

We strive to uphold the values of democracy and stand for equal justice and the rule of law. We work to strengthen democracy, protect the freedom and safety of communities and people, and reduce the practice of deprivation of liberty.

We see and recognize the step-by-step changes in the field taking place in our country, but/and we believe that the entire justice system in Armenia, especially the criminal justice system, should be reformed, moving from a behavior-centered approach to a human-centered approach, and the punishment system from punitive to restorative justice, encouraging dispute solutions (mediation, reconciliation), alternative measures and sentences to imprisonment.

To contribute to the formation and strengthening of social justice, the establishment of civil society, the protection of human rights and legal interests in the Republic of Armenia
  • To invest on effective implementation of legal and judicial reforms, increasing the effectiveness of justice, particularly criminal justice bodies
  • Contribute to the Penal Reforms
  • Establishment of the Juvenile Justice System in line with International Standards
  • Contribute to the cooperation and establishment of partnership between state and non-state Bodies and organizations on various social issues related to Domestic Violence, child protection

Our programs and initiatives are aimed at reforms in the field of criminal justice, protection of Human Rights, Democracy and fundamental freedoms.

In National Level
  • Development or active participation in developing of Concept Papers, Strategies, Action Plans and other documents in the sphere of Criminal Justice or Penal Reforms
  • Conducting discussions and providing advice to decision makers
  • Development or active participation in developing filed Legislation
In Community Level
  • Conducting field research and studies and advocating the results to decision makers
  • Publicizing the results of research and monitoring
  • Professional cooperation with state and non-state structures and organizations
In Personal/Case Level
  • Psychological, social and legal counseling for persons in the justice system and their family members
  • Arranging and providing counseling during serving the sentence or supervision
  • Activities aimed at the reintegration and resocialization of released persons
  • Case management, after-care support


1.Prison and Probation Reforms: Humanisation of punishment system, encouraging alternatives to imprisonment, resocialization, and effective aftercare support


2.Reforming Juvenile Justice System: Encouraging the best interests of the child, views, and expressions in all stages of justice system, alternatives to detention and formal court proceedings as diversion and restorative justice approach

3.Child Protection and Crime Prevention: Providing the state generalsecondary and tertiary crime prevention strategies, pushing community-based solutions for the children at risk of (re)offending and reforming the referrals as multiagency approach

4.Domestic violence: promoting and facilitating multidisciplinary referrals and response in community level by the state and none-state actors


Specialists and experts in the fields of social work, psychology, criminal law, and human rights are staff members of the NGO