Master program and modules in Access to Justice. MAJust

The first small grant for Armenian Academics and Institutions within “Justice Reforms Monitoring in Armenia” project has been summarized. It  pursuits to stimulate the development of a module and/or educational program (bachelors or masters) on Access to Justice.
2 universities out of 3 that submitted applications passed the first stage and were given the opportunity to complete the full  proposal.
We are glad to announce that Eurasia International University was recognized as a winner with its Master Program and Modules in “Access to Justice: Theory and Practice” (MAJust) project.

The MAJust project will increase the impact of civil society representatives on the Justice Sector reforms and contribute to establishing systemic changes. The MAJust aims to equip multidisciplinary professionals with up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary to effectively develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate Justice Sector reforms in line with international standards and best practices. It is expected that the project will facilitate the trialogue between academia, practice, and society and increase the role of academia in the strengthening of the Rule of Law in Armenia.

The new innovative Master Program and Modules in “Access to Justice: Theory and Practice” will be developed by the project providing an interdisciplinary approach and involving internationally recognized scholars to build the capacities of local actors. On a certificate basis, the modules of the new Master’s program will be offered to practitioners and students from other universities as a lifelong learning opportunity. The Project also will support Justice Sector reforms by building synergies with relevant practitioners, developing students’ practical skills, providing methodological and research support to various actors involved in the Justice Sector reforms as well as stimulating and contributing to the public debate, raising awareness about the relevant processes by addressing youth, journalists, social workers, etc.

The duration of the sub-grant program is: 15.02.2024-15.08.2025