We must live

2 grants were announced and summarized within the framework of the EU-funded #Juremonia project on the topics of ensuring access to justice for forcibly displaced people from Nagorno Karabakh and providing support and adaptation in their new communities of residence.

The grant for ensuring social rehabilitation for forcibly displaced people from Nagorno Karabakh won “Family and Community” Charitable NGO.

The general goal of the “We must live” project is to support people who were forcibly displaced from Nagorno Karabakh and settled in the Armavir Marz and in particular in the Metsamor extended community, especially women and children, to overcome the trauma of war losses and adapt to the new environment as full members of the community.

The specific goal of the project is to support the overcoming of psycho-social challenges and traumas of forcibly displaced women and children from Nagorno Karabakh living in the Armavir marz and particularly Metsamor extended community, to acquire social skills for solving their problems independently and inclusive skills in a new environment.

The main activities of the project are:

  • Assessment of socio-psychological needs of the beneficiaries,
  • Individual and group social work with beneficiary women and children, social skills training to ensure their adaptation to a new environment and social inclusion,
  • Support for the realisation of their rights (health care, education, legal work, etc.) and referrals to various social structures,
  • individual and group psychotherapeutic work with women and children
  • Involvement of the beneficiary children in art therapy groups: painting therapy, clay therapy, organisation of an exhibition of their handicrafts.
  • Organisation of six group works of neurography and music therapy for beneficiary women (3 meetings for each group, number of participants: 10–13).

Project duration: 14.02.2024-14.02.2025