Meeting N1_Juremonia Platform

On November 30, 2022, took place the first meeting of Juremonia Platform members. The Platform, which involves organizations and professionals, directs its activity vectors to the monitoring of reforms in justice sector, implementation of advocacy, as well as ensuring the meaningful involvement of CSOs in theseprocesses.

The present members of the Platform are the representatives of various CSOs that participated in intensive four-day trainings related to the monitoring of Justice Sector Reforms and joined the Platform by signing the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation of Civil Society Organizations on the Justice Sector Reform of the Republic of Armenia. As planned, the first meeting of the Platform was focused on discussions, consultations and analysis of thematic studies. At the beginning of the meeting, Lisanne Veldt, the representative of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and the lead of the project, gave a welcoming speech who also represents the Juremonia project consortium coordinating organization. In her speech, she spoke about her involvement in the project and the importance of the course of future meetings based on the first meeting. Then, Arshak Gasparyan, president of ”Social Justice” NGO, Coordinator of Juremonia project, reminded the participants about the purpose and issues of establishing the Platform, and highlighted 4 main directions:

  1. Judicial and Legal Reforms
  2. Penitentiary and Probation Reforms
  3. Police Reforms
  4. Anti-corruption Reforms

During the meeting, with the expert’s presentation, the Platform members were introduced the Baseline Studies implemented within the framework of the project, which was related to the strategy of RA Police reforms and the ongoing monitoring of the deriving Action Plan for 2020-2022. The document gave rise to many questions, discussions, and recommendations, which will later be presented in round-table discussions with the officials of this field. The meeting was summed up by Artak Kirakosyan, president of ‘’Civil Society Institute’’ NGO, coordinator of the Juremonia project, who presented the directions for providing small grants to civil society structures within the framework of the Juremonia project and the process of applying for them.

It is worth noting that similar meetings will be held monthly, and the topics will be selected in advance based on the priorities of the problems in the above-mentioned directions.


We would like to inform you that in order to become JUREMONIA Platform member, you need to submit an appropriate application to the Platform Secretariat by sending an email to [email protected].  In case of questions you can call +374 43 233737